Providian Credit Card

The Providian Credit Card has gone through so many changes that at this moment in time the Providian Credit Card no longer exists. We will give you a little bit of history here in this article to help you understand what has happened to the Providian Credit Card and what options are available in its place now. Providian Bank used to be a pretty big deal many years back in the USA. They really had a reputation for being able to supply anyone with a credit card that needed one so that they could establish or rebuild their credit. That being said, of course the Providian Credit Card was a very popular choice among lower income families for many years.

In the mid 2000's Providian was sold to Washington Mutual bank which began the demise of the Providian Credit Card. When you were going to access the Providian Credit Card login from the Providian site it was then redirected to the Washington Mutual site links. Not many years after that, Washington Mutual was bought by JP Morgan chase and the Providian Credit Card was done away with for good. At one time, if you already had a Providian Credit Card the mergers didn't affect you. However, by the time Chase Bank was taking over, you were being issued new cards that reflected the Chase name.

Since there isn't a Providian Credit Card anymore, you are now being directed to the credit card options that are provided by Chase Bank to check out the best option for your financial needs. There are very many Providian Credit Card clients of the past who are still bitter over all of the changes and have been having bad experiences ever since the first merger with Washington Mutual. There are many who were not able to handle the new fees instituted by the new banks. If you aren’t certain which new card options fit your needs within the Chase Bank, you are advised to either call or make a trip into your nearest branch so that you can make sure to talk to someone and see if the Chase Bank is offering something that can suit your financial needs. Also, if you read a lot of the reviews that are posted online you will be able to get an idea of how the Chase Bank has been handling the previous holders of the Providian Credit Card and know a bit more regarding their customer service practices.


At the end of the day, we have to realize that we are living in a world where big fish sometimes eat smaller fish. Unfortunately Providian became a smaller fish than the newer breed of banks that emerged. As a result of becoming a smaller yet powerful fish, it was taken over by Washington Mutual which was then taken over by Chase Bank. Hopefully you will find that their Chase Slate Card or one of the other options are able to fit your financial needs. the Chase Slate Card is said to be the best and closest thing to what was formerly offered in the Providian Credit Card.